Welcome to Designs By Le’yon, Inc.’s *Wall of Fame*. Each piece here has been uniquely designed with a star in mind…YOU! They have found their way into the wall of fame where fabulous has became their name.

Many of Life’s Everyday Stars have added these signature pieces to their personal collection. Making their design a reality and bring life to the captivating fashions of royalty…….

Be sure to take a trip down Designer’s Lane and let us inspire the King/Queen in you!

Contact us today to order a design style similar to the one you see in our gallery.

Amethyst & Hematite Dagger Necklace Set
Carnelian & Agate Diamond Necklace Set
White Howlite Connector Necklace Set
Rainbow Dyed Mother-of-Pearl Shells & Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set
Hot Pink Cotton Wrap Bling Necklace Set
Blown Glass Cross Pendant w/Green Smoky Quartz & Teal Glass Necklace Set
Blue Iridescent Glass Necklace Set
Yellow Jasper Heart Pendant w/Citrine & Tiger-Eye Stone Necklace Set
Gray & White Howlite Necklace Set
Pink Salmon Petal & Glass Chain Necklace Set
Unisex Glossy Rainbow Tiger-Eye Necklace
Unisex Blue Sandstone & Hematite Necklace
Lilac Double-Strand All Glass Teardrop Overlay Necklace Set
Vintage Green Silk Thread & Gold Metal Medallion Necklace Set
Seafoam-Green Triple-Strand Glass Beaded Necklace Set
Rhinestone Embedded Tiger-Eye Heart Pendant Necklace
Blank Onyx & Silk Feather Necklace Set
Reversible Abalone Shell & Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set
White Cotton Wrap & Rhinestone Necklace W/Silk Feather
Plum & Pink Agate Necklace Set
Red Velvet Heart & Cube Necklace Set
Unisex Engraved Rhinestone Bone Pendant & Howlite Necklace
Triple-Strand Flamingo Jasper & Glass Pearl Necklace Set
Red Coral Spikes RH Embedded Necklace Set
Spiral Glass Blown Pendant w/Red & Pewter Glass Beads Throughout Necklace Set
Petite Black & Gray Deco Glass & Pearl Necklace Set
Turquoise Tooth Necklace Set
Red Dyed Mother-of-Pearl Open Shell Necklace Set
Red & Yellow Glass Crackle Necklace Set
Chocolate Wood Slabs Copper Insert Necklace Set
Distressed Wood Pendulum Necklace Set
Large Wood Beaded Necklace Set
Simplicity: Black Tube & Gray Pearl Necklace Set
Encrusted Shell Pendant Cat’s-Eye & Glass Necklace Set
Large Mother-of-Pearl Shell Pendant Tiger-Eye Necklace
Copper Timepiece Necklace Set
Yellow Matte Hexagon Necklace Set
3pc Green Druzy Yellow Jasper/Citrine Necklace Set
Satin Pink Glass Noodles Necklace Set
Fushia Jasper Triple-Tier Chain Necklace
Pink Crystal & Glass Pearl Necklace Set
Pink Salmon Petal-tastic Necklace Set
Brown Glass Pearl Anniversary Necklace
Encrusted Lapis Lazuli Hematite w/RH Embedded Gray Jasper Bead Necklace Set
Lapis Lazuli Trapezoid Necklace Set
Two-Toned Wood/ Resin Bead Necklace
Freshwater Pearl Encrusted Wings Mother-of-Pearl Pendant Necklace Set
Afro-Centric Howlite Necklace Set
Brown Agate Rhinestone Pendant Necklace Set
Howlite & wood Slab Necklace Set
Silver Rope Rhinestone Pendant Necklace Set
“Everything That Blings” Collective Necklace Set
Triple-Strand Graduated Gray Glass Pearl Necklace Set
Brown Blue Sandstone Necklace Set
Rustic & Black Rhinestone Tooth & Print Necklace Set
Purple Imperial Jasper Surround Necklace Set
Triple-Strand Golden Brown Glass Necklace Set
Brown Stone Necklace Set